Squirrel Removal

Empire Wildlife Removal believes in and stands by removing problem wildlife from your premises in a humane fashion: this includes squirrel removal York Region. By simply applying humane removal techniques, the animals are safely removed from your home utilizing such methods as snare-poles, one-way-doors, and repellents. Squirrels are very cute characters, but they are not household pets and can be quite disruptive to your home particularly if they have already discovered a way into your house. In Toronto, squirrels have become a problem as their numbers are into the tens of thousands.

York Region has some interesting facts about squirrels and their characteristics. If your home is now housing a family of squirrels, Empire Wildlife Removal will aid in effective squirrel removal York Region. It is advised that you never attempt to handle this kind of situation on your own. Professional wildlife removal is highly recommended. If squirrels have become an issue in your home Empire Wildlife Removal professionals are reliable and they will get the job done. When it comes to squirrel removal York Region, Empire Wildlife Removal are the experts in squirrel removal York Region and all wildlife control York Region. Squirrel removal in York Region most commonly make a home for themselves within your yard with their nests high up in a tree, venturing down frequently in search for food. Sometimes dwelling outside no longer appeals to these creatures and they make seek refuge within the confines of your home.

You will find that each wildlife removal York Region Ontario is ecologically responsible, ensuring that only environmentally sound ways and humane animal removal techniques are used for animal control, damage control and wildlife removal problems. If you need their service, you simply need to give a call at their toll-free helpline number.

Squirrels are classified as a nuisance animal species due to their habits of living in homes and buildings. The most common complaints include the following:

  1. Squirrels living in the attic.
  2. Squirrels living in the chimney.
  3. Squirrels chewing on soffits and woodwork.
  4. Squirrels chewing holes in siding.
  5. Squirrels stealing birdseed from bird feeders.
  6. Squirrels chewing through ridge vents and roof vents.
  7. Squirrels chewing through louver vents.
  8. Squirrels inside home.
  9. Squirrels in basement.

For these reasons, many people wish to have this nuisance squirrels trapped and removed.


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